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Vodacom wants to rob you


Whilst making coffee at the office this morning I was informed that Vodacom have finally enabled the Visual Voicemail feature for the iPhone on their network. This feature has been available on the handset since the launch of the original iPhone 2G some 3 years ago.

I always understood that the feature wouldn’t be available on the Vodacom network as they would have to build some kind of additional functionality into their existing voicemail platform. This didn’t really bother me and I made peace with it years ago.

After a little digging it appears that it is relatively simple to enable VVM.

To activate: SMS “VVM ON” to 123.
To deactivate: SMS “VVM OFF” to 123.

The only catch is that Vodacom will rob you of R10 every month to have this feature enabled.

It’s not like they had to build a whole new voicemail platform to enable this service and I’m pretty sure that part of monthly subscription covers the voicemail service I currently don’t enjoy.

I’ll keep an eye on things over the next few weeks, but I’d love to hear some comment from someone at Vodacom to justify how they can charge for a service that was free from day 1 on AT&T’s network.

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Finally. My 3GS arrives.


I thought I post a follow up on my article about the delay in getting my hands on the new iPhone 3GS.

After the most bizarre chain of events yesterday morning, the phone suddenly arrived on my desk.

After yet another call to my service provider to get an update on when the handset might become available I was again informed that there was still no stock and that Vodacom and The Core Group would not commit to any dates as to when they may become available. Luckily though, I was on the list of 78 people waiting for stock. Lucky lucky me.

About an hour later I was confronted by a delivery guy with a parcel addressed to me. A few squiggles on the delivery form, a few tears here and there and I found myself staring at white iPhone 3GS box.

The phone that isn't in stock. Apparently.

The phone that isn't in stock. Apparently.

I thought maybe it was a joke. I bet the box is empty.

Well blow me down. I opened the box to find a shiny new iPhone 3GS. Joy.

I haven’t let my service provider know that it has arrived yet. Let’s see how long it takes them to get back to me about it. Who knows, maybe a second one will arrive when they finally get stock…


Vodacom will screw you.


I just don’t understand it. The iPhone 3GS has been available for weeks from Vodacom, but it seems that other operators still “have no stock”. My contract is with Nashua Mobile and they are telling me that Vodacom are wanting to keep the phone exclusively for their customers at first before they release them to the other service providers.

Apple iPhone 3GS

Apple iPhone 3GS

Can they be any more obtuse ?!? Vodacom will still get the business at the end of the day, so why are they withholding stock ?

Come on Vodacom pull up your socks ! Are you getting nervous about interconnection rates being slashed and your years of taking us for a ride coming to and end ?

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