tweetie For some time now I’ve resisted the urge to try out any of the pay-for Twitter applications on the iPhon, mostly because I’ve found the free ones to be more than sufficient for my needs. Tweetdeck for the iPhone has delivered all the functionality that I’ve needed and it was responsive enough for me not to be on the lookout for anything better. I’ve also used Echofon before I tried Tweetdeck. Another great client, but I stopped using it when I started using Tweetdeck on my laptop.

Tweetie 2 was recently launched (well not that recently) and included some new features I wanted to try out. The old app had also received some rave reviews so I decided to spend the £1.79 (about R22, hardly a kings ransom) and buy it from the the app store [iTunes link].

One capacitive click after installing the app and I was on my way to Twitter bliss (Twiss ?). The interface is clean and well organised. Everything is where you expect to find it and the app is super responsive. At first I thought it was just gimicky, but there is an awesome function that allows you to refresh/reload the screen you’re on by pulling the screen down and then letting it bounce back – sounds complicated, but you’ll love it once you give it a try. Icons are cached so timelines load quickly and their layout also looks great.

There are some features that I’ve grown used to and couldn’t live without:

  • URL shortening with a bit.ly account
  • Read later with Instapaper
  • Image posting with Posterous
  • Nearby search
  • Saved searches

Other features that I don’t use, but that I know others find very useful:

  • Support for multiple accounts
  • Video upload using yFrog or TwitVid
  • Customisable quote/retweet syntax

Rumour has it that Tweetie 2.1 is imminent and will add support for lists. Awesome.

It just makes you a better Twit.