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Top 5 (almost) local tech podcasts


OK, so only two out of the five are local.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been searching for the best local and international technology podcasts. I’m tired of listening to the same fools drone on on our local radio stations. Cape Talk isn’t bad and some of the presenters are pretty sharp, but they hardly cover technology at all. Their 3 minute “Hard Drive” slot every afternoon is pretty useless, but I understand that it may appeal to their less tech savvy listeners.

For my trip into work and home each day I wanted to find a few podcasts that could keep me up to date with the stuff I care about. At first I tried to limit my selection to local content only, but there simply isn’t much out there. Unless I’m missing it.

My search has by no stretch of the imagination been extensive, but the list below is what I’ve settled on for the time being. If anyone has any suggestions on other podcasts I should listen to, especially if they are local, please leave comments below.

zatechshow.png 1 – ZA Tech Show. Currently my favorite weekly podcast.It’s local and covers a wide range of technology and technology news. Hosted by Simon Dingle and a few other local journalists and tech junkies it provides a good laugh and even some great insights. As long as there is beer… Subscribe here. Or here with the direct iTunes link.
buzz-out-loud.png 2 – Buzz Out Loud. CNET’s Buzz out load has been around for a long time. They have done more than 1000 episodes to date and as long as you can surive the American accents you’ll love the show. Subscribe here. Or here with the direct iTunes link.
engadget.jpg 3 – The Engadget Show. They have recently relaunched this podcast in a new live format. The first one featured a long interview with Steve Ballmer on the day of the Windows 7 launch. I hope they keep the quality of the show and caliber of the guests this high. Subscribe here. Or here with the direct iTunes link.
majornelson.png 4 – Major Nelson Radio. A little niche, but since I do all my gaming on the platform I find it very informative. He runs a good show and often has exciting guests. He actually works for Microsoft, so although he doesn’t provide you with the inside track, he usually has has facts straight. Subscribe here. Or here with the direct iTunes link.
macabout.png 5 – mac:about. The only other local show my list. They have only done one episode so far, so it remains to be seen how long the show will last and how it progresses and matures. It’s Apple centric, but that’s a good thing. Subscribe here. Or here with the direct iTunes link.

ZA News turns to technology to work around SABC bull$h!+


Although this is not directly technology related, I thought it was a great example of how technology and the Internet were able to bypass a quagmire of political bull and get a “controversial” TV show “on the air”.


ZA News was created by local cartoonist and satirist Zapiro (Jonathon Shapiro) and is a satirical view on South African politics. It was supposed to air on the SABC earlier this year (link to the front page article on the Star) but due to all kinds of political bumbling at the SABC it never saw the light of day.

On the 5th of October 2009, the Mail and Guardian decided to start streaming the show from their website as it was clearly never going to make it onto local TV. Check the inaugural episode below:

Although they won’t have as big a local audience as they would have had airing it on SABC, they now have the whole world as a potential audience.

The show cracks me up. The visuals provided by puppets alone is enough to make anyone that knows anything about South African politics wet themselves.

Make it part of your daily comic relief.

Love your work M&G and Zapiro. High fives all round.

SABC, you still suck.

Do you Poken ?


I’ve been looking at getting one of these for a while, but never got around to it.


Now I’ve won one in a competition and I’m keen to see just how useful these are. The primary challenge that “early adopters” will have is that if you don’t have anyone to “Poken” with, you basically just have a small piece of plastic with an LED that never goes on in your pocket.

My poken

My poken

The idea is simple, you store all your online contact information on the Poken and then when you are at social or business gathering and you need to exchange information with someone else you simply touch the two Poken together and they exchange information. There is a flurry of LED’s and all things electronic and then when next you connect your Poken to your computer you have all the persons details.

They’re R199 from the local Poken distributors (Poken Africa).

Get one. The more people that have them, the more people you can “Poken”.

Finally ! A Blu-ray player for under R2k hits our shores.


I’m not sure how long the special is going to be on, or if it has already finished, but Makro were advertising the Philips BPD3000 Blu-ray player for R1999.

Philips BPD3000 Blu-ray player

Philip s BPD3000 Blu-ray player

This is the baby of the new Philips line up of Blu-ray players so it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that the pricier ones have, but it apparently does a very good job at its primary function: outputting HD video and audio.

It comes with all the ports you need at the back, including Ethernet and USB for BD Live downloads.

I’m sure that if you wait a few more months before investing in a Blu-ray player there will be a few more options on the market.

If you can’t wait for HD goodness, this is the best deal around at the moment.

Billion take it to the next level


You heard it here first, but now Billion have taken it to the next level.

Billion 2073N Homeplug Adapter

Billion 2073N Homeplug Adapter

With this device you can have the best of both worlds – Wifi and EoP (Ethernet over Power). You are pretty much guaranteed to have every inch of your house covered either with wired or wireless connectivity without the hassle of having to lay (and hide) Ethernet cable all over the place.

Billion is supplied locally by Nology and is apparently ready to be ordered from them. I’ve been scouring the local e-tailers but they are pretty slow and useless when it comes to new products.

Only people that seem to be on the ball are Expansys who have it on offer for R874.99 here.

This price puts it at about the same price as the Netgear units which don’t have the built in Wifi.

Definitely worth taking a look at if you are planning on wire(less)ing your home up anytime soon.

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