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How to clean your Apple Mighty Mouse


The little scroll wheel/ball on my Mighty Mouse gets lazy every few weeks and only lets me scroll in one direction. Sometimes only up, sometimes only down. Side to side never seems to be a problem.

A simple fix I learned about to solve this problem meant I didn’t have to keep phoning Digicape to complain about repeatedly being sold bad mice…

Simply turn your Mighty Mouse off (by sliding the cover at the bottom closed), turn the mouse upside down onto a piece of paper and move the mouse around putting pressure on the scroll wheel so that it makes solid contact with the paper.

As you move it around you should see it leave a gorgeous trail of finger dirt and residue. Depending on how bad it is, you may even be able to spell your name before it’s clean.

The video below demonstrates the process:

Apologies for the poor quality. I whipped this up quickly on my iPhone 3GS.

Enabling click-to-dial on Snow Leopard


As a follow up on my Dialectic article, I thought it may be necessary to post some information on how to enable click-to-dial in Snow Leopard.

The problem is that Mac OS X 10.6 no longer supports contextual menu plug-ins, so any plug-ins that you had will stop working after you upgrade to Snow Leopard.

Replacing this functionality is a much improved Services support and this can be used to dial selected phone numbers from most applications.

After installing Dialectic you can do the following to enable it:

  1. From the System Preferences application, select the Keyboard preference pane.
  2. In the Keyboard preference pane, select the “Keyboard Shortcuts” tab and scroll down to the “Services” item from the list box on the left side of the window.
  3. After selecting “Services”, scroll down to the “Text” Services group on the right and enable the “Dial Selection” Services item (see the screenshot below).
  4. Dial-Selection.png

    Works like a charm.

Tale of the annoying Apple headset mic


Does the placement of the microphone/volume control button on the Apple headset annoy anyone else ?

Maybe I just happen to have a very unfortunate set of bodily proportions, but the microphone/button placement on the headset cable always catches on the collar or my shirt when I am sitting down with the earbuds in my ears.


It catches just enough that I have to make wild neck movements to “unhook” it while I’m driving.

I have exactly the same problem with the headset that came with my iPhone 2G. Does Apple have it in for me ?

If they moved the button a few centimeters higher or lower it would solve the problem immediately.

MobileMe Media Sync — Apple Patent Watch


File this under awesome x rad. Seriously, I find it so annoying when can’t carry on listening (or watching) to my current song or podcast when I move from one device to another. Sitting at my desk listening to a podcast on iTunes and switching to my iPhone when I have to dash off somewhere is mildly frustrating because I need to get to the correct podcast and then scan for the spot I was at before I can pick up where I left off.

With this I should just be able to pop my earbuds in and hit play on the head set control. It will save me time not only because I don’t have to find the right track, but I also won’t have to listen to the same parts of tracks again because I’m not sure where I was.

And I totally agree that Apple need to start working a little harder to earn my MobileMe subscription every year !


Synchronization of Media State Across Multiple Devices, one of the latest patents filed by Apple, aims to use MobileMe to make sure if you start watching a movie in iTunes or on the AppleTV, then switch to your iPhone, you’re at the exact same place in the movie (and back again) — with no USB sync required.

Last month, prompted by reader Seth Clifford, TiPb asked for just such ‘WhisperSync’ (to use the Amazon Kindle term) functionality. Not only would this be great for users with multiple Windows, Macs, iPhones, and/or iPod touches, but it would be a great way for Apple to add value to MobileMe, whose $99 a year is non-competitive to say the least, especially for Windows users (who don’t benefit from iLife, Back to my Mac, Mac sync, etc.) So, yeah, Apple — make this happen!

(Via The iPhone Blog.)

WolframAlpha hits the App Store for a whopping $50


Wow. This is special. An app that costs $50 that bascially does what the website does for free. Let’s see how quickly the price of this app drops. Alternatively, I’m willing to bet that a pissed off developer will release an app that does almost the same thing for free.


WolframAlpha hits the App Store for a whopping $50: “

WolframAlpha, the computational searchable database that went live as a website a few months ago is now an iPhone app.  ‘Fantastic!’ you might say.  Youll take it?  Just one thing though:  It is $50!  And it doesnt do much that the Web page doesnt.  Is there something we dont understand here?

WolframAlfa $50 App Store link – via TechCrunch.

Create a UK iTunes account without a credit card


With the proliferation of iPhones, iPod Touches and more and more people using iTunes, I am regularly asked how I manage to get all the album artwork for all my music as well as being able purchase music and other content not available in the South African iTunes store. The simple answer is that you need an account in one of the iTunes stores outside of South Africa.

Apple closed quite a few loopholes that one used to be able exploit to achieve this, but fortunately there is still a way. I’ve taken bits and pieces from other websites and blogs and a little of my own experience with doing this and put together a step by step guide to get you to iTunes goodness.

  1. Fire up iTunes and click on the “iTunes Store” icon in the sidebar.
  2. Scroll right to the bottom of the page and click “Change Country”.
  3. Change Country

    Change Country

  4. On the next page, scroll to the bottom and select “United Kingdon”.
  5. United Kingdom

    United Kingdom

  6. Now go into the App Store and find a free app and “buy” it. Any app will do, as long as it is free. There are loads.
  7. The following screen will pop up. Click on the “Create New Account” button.
  8. Create Account

    Create Account

  9. On the next few pages you will need to agree to some terms and conditions and then fill in all your details. When it comes to the address, the only important thing is a valid postal code. Fill in a valid UK postal code that you know or get one from here:
  10. The last page you will be presented with will be the payment page. On this page select the “None” option.
  11. Payment method = None

    Payment method = None

You’re done creating your account. You may now go forth and make use of Genius, download artwork and purchase anything that is free in the music or app store.

If you’d like to buy content that has a price attached to it, all you need to do is redeem an iTunes voucher. You can purchase UK iTunes store vouchers from I’ve used them a number of times for Xbox live vouchers and iTunes vouchers. Very reliable and I have never had an issue. They make use of either Paypal or Google Checkout which both work with a South African credit card. You pay a small premium for buying from them, but it’s the simplest solution I’ve found so far.

Your voucher arrives via email within seconds and then you just click on the “Redeem Voucher” link in the iTunes store.

Right. You’re set. Time to starting fully enjoying the iTunes experience.

Old recipients in Apple Mail annoying you ?


I’ve had this issue myself before and was recently asked by someone else how you can remove old recipients from the auto-complete drop down list that shows up when you start typing an address in Apple Mail. I never really bothered to sort the problem out and rather just worked around it. Now that I’ve figured out how simple it is to clean up this list, it’s probably something I’ll do a little more often…

Two simple steps:

1 – Click on “Window” on the tool bar (while Mail is your active application of course.

2 – Click on “Previous Recipients”

Previous Recipients

Previous Recipients

Now just select the addresses you want to remove (or possibly even add to your address book) an then the “Remove From List” button.

Remove the offensive addresses

Remove the offensive addresses

You’re done.

In-house in the works for iPhone and iPod touch


Someone at Apple and myself are clearly on the same wavelength.

This afternoon while I was driving home and listening to a podcast on my iPhone 3GS, I mused about how awesome it would be if the 3GS had a built in FM radio, just like the new iPod Nano’s. I conceded that it wouldn’t be possibly as the required hardware doesn’t exist in the device.

Tonight, I see this article not only claiming that Apple are already developing the app, but the device has had the hardware in it for some time to enable the Nike+ functionality.

When this app is released it will truly make the iPhone the most versatile mobile device I’ve ever owned.

– Mobile phone
– Mobile computer
– iPod
– Compass
– FM Radio
– Camera
– Video Camera
– Voice recorder

I know there are other devices out there that have all these functions, but not of them do it as well as the iPhone and none of them are nearly as sexy.

Awesome x Rad !

In-house in the works for iPhone and iPod touch: “

Weve just received a tip that an iPhone is being developed in-house by Apple for use on the iPhone and iPod touch.  From what we know, the app will be allowed to operate in the background like and will offer the same functionality as the FM radio in the new iPod Nanos.  The source mentioned that this application could also be incorporated into the before release.

The holdup on this app is that Apple is trying to integrate the Mobile iTunes Store purchases into the functionality of the program.  For instance, if you like a song you are listening to on the radio (and that station supports tagging and you are in the US), you will be able to push a button and see the song (and all of the information around it) in the iTunes Mobile store.  With another click, youll be able to make a purchase.  This is an extension of the Song Tagging feature used in the iPod Nanos.  Perhaps they could even add some Shazam technology to help with those stations that don’t support tagging.

Though it wasn’t specified, the app will likely have the same Live Pause functionality that the Nanos currently enjoy.

Apple’s iPods and iPhones have been able to receive FM radio signals for some time now.  The latest generation of iPhone and iPod touch can even broadcast FM signal, for instance to a car stereo.  The ability of the iPhone and iPod touch to receive FM signals has been used solely in the implementation of the Nike+ ecosystem to this point.

This wouldnt be the first time Apple awoke sleeping hardware functionality from its mobile products.  Apple sometimes chooses to leave hardware features dormant in their products until they feel the time is right.  For instance, Apple didnt enable Bluetooth in its 2nd generation iPod touch until 9 months after it was released.  Apple also hasnt enabled the 802.11N +5GHZ wireless networking (which we also hope to see updated shortly) in its latest iPhone and iPods.

The addition of an FM radio would eliminate that advantage from the ZuneHD over Apple’s line of Touch OSX products.

(Via 9 to 5 Mac – Apple Intelligence.)

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