For people like myself that are stuck with a digital camera that was built before anyone had even thought up the term “geotagging”, there is finally a solution that will enable you to have location information for all your snaps.

There are a number of original manufacturer and 3rd party solutions available for a handful of the higher end cameras, but most of them are quite expensive and are most certainly not readily available locally.

This device requires you to sync your computers time with it and to take it with you on your shoot. When you get back you need to download the photo’s into the PhotoTrackr software which will add all the relevant location information to the EXIF data before you import it into your favorite photo organising/editing software.

At $69 we can expect to see it at around R700 locally. I doubt you’ll find them at your local electronics store, but the specialist photo stores should be carrying them later this year.

Looking for a geotagging solution that doesn’t discriminate based on what kind of camera you have? Looking for one that can fit snugly into your Fifth Pocket? The PhotoTrackr Mini looks to be that very device, boasting a diminutive thumb drive-esque appearance and the same geotagging technology as found in the original. Put simply, the device works by syncing the time of your camera with bundled software; when you’re back from a shoot (a shoot where your device also was), you just allow the application to figure out where a given shot was snapped at what time. There’s also Mac and RAW file format support on this model, neither of which were compatible with the prior version. Pre-orders are being accepted now at $69, and the first shipments are expected to go out next month.

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(Via Engadget.)