I must have missed the initial announcement of this technology so I actually did a bit of a double take and few searches to make sure that someone wasn’t trying to pull a fast one.

It’s legit. Basically you can recharge any device that makes use of USB for that function. I guess you could power it directly as well.

When your cell (we call them batteries) starts running low, just whip out a little bottle of concentrated methanol and fill the 14ml fuel tank to keep on going. Basically like refueling your car, just a little smaller.

This is first generation stuff, just imagine what this technology will be like in a few years ! Assuming anyone actually buys it.

Never again will you need to search for an electrical socket when you are out in the wilderness trying to be one with nature…

We can hardly believe it but the day has finally arrived: Toshiba just launched the first Dynario fuel-cell for portable consumer electronics. That’s right, the long promised and highly anticipated direct methanol fuel-cell (DMFC) with dedicated fuel cartridge for on-the-go refueling will go on sale October 29th in Japan for ¥29,800 (about $328) plus another ¥3,150 (about $34) for a set of five, 50ml fuel cartridges. Dynario takes about 20 seconds to fill its 14ml fuel tank with an injection of a concentrated methanol solution at which point its ready to charge USB-connected devices. Dynarios hybrid structure uses a lithium-ion battery to store enough electricity to charge two typical cellphones, according to Tosh. That works out to be about $1 per recharge, if our calculations are correct, based on the fuel costs alone. We assume the battery can be charged via wall socket power too but this isnt explicitly stated in the press release. The first run consists of only 3,000 units after which Toshiba will gauge consumer reaction before extending the launch outside of Japan. Boy oh boy, a new age in portability has begun.

(Via Engadget.)