I’m not sure how long the special is going to be on, or if it has already finished, but Makro were advertising the Philips BPD3000 Blu-ray player for R1999.

Philips BPD3000 Blu-ray player

Philip s BPD3000 Blu-ray player

This is the baby of the new Philips line up of Blu-ray players so it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that the pricier ones have, but it apparently does a very good job at its primary function: outputting HD video and audio.

It comes with all the ports you need at the back, including Ethernet and USB for BD Live downloads.

I’m sure that if you wait a few more months before investing in a Blu-ray player there will be a few more options on the market.

If you can’t wait for HD goodness, this is the best deal around at the moment.