I’ve been looking at getting one of these for a while, but never got around to it.


Now I’ve won one in a competition and I’m keen to see just how useful these are. The primary challenge that “early adopters” will have is that if you don’t have anyone to “Poken” with, you basically just have a small piece of plastic with an LED that never goes on in your pocket.

My poken

My poken

The idea is simple, you store all your online contact information on the Poken and then when you are at social or business gathering and you need to exchange information with someone else you simply touch the two Poken together and they exchange information. There is a flurry of LED’s and all things electronic and then when next you connect your Poken to your computer you have all the persons details.

They’re R199 from the local Poken distributors (Poken Africa).

Get one. The more people that have them, the more people you can “Poken”.