I wanted to post this a week ago, but as I had bought the new iPod nano as a gift for a loved one, I didn’t want to spoil the surprise.

About two weeks ago I started hunting for a way to get the new iPod nano delivered to my door before the 23rd of September. I tried to convince Amazon to deliver to SA, I tried BH photovideo as well as local some local stores like wantitall and have2have. Although wantitall and have2have could get them for me, they couldn’t guarantee that it would arrive in time. They also weren’t exactly cheap.

The bad boy in question

The bad boy in question

Then I saw an article on mybroadband that mentioned that the iStore in Sandton had them in stock. I thought I’d take a chance and give the iStore in the V&A Waterfront a call to see if they had any demo models. If they did have I’d see if I could convince them to sell me one. I gave them a call and they informed that they in fact had a few in stock and that I could come and pick one up immediately. No coercion required.

I asked them to keep me one and said I’d be there before closing to come and pick it up. As soon as I was off the phone with them I gave Digicape a call to see if they also had any in stock. Whenever possible I try not to support The Core Group directly, so if I was able to give the business to Digicape I would.

I chatted the sales guy at Digicape and he informed that they would only have stock in about 6 weeks and insisted that no-one in South Africa had any stock yet. I informed him that I was on my way to fetch one at the iStore. After we tussled on whether or not it was in fact the 5th generation iPod nano he conceded and informed me that he was about to go and kick up a real stink within Digicape and The Core Group.

In this case I was grateful that the iStore had them in stock, but I am total agreement that it is total bulls@$%t that the iStore has them and no-one else has them.

I’m still feeling a little nauseous about spending money at the iStore, but I’m sure the Apple gods will forgive me.