You have got to play Trials HD on Xbox 360. It is available for a heft 1200 points as an arcade download on Xbox Live.


I’m not even sure what it is about the game that I can’t stop playing it.

There is nothing deep about it at all. Finish the track as quickly as possible whilst making as few mistakes as possible.

If you mess it up try again. And again. And again. When you finally get it right you see the times that your friends have achieved for the track, so it’s back to the drawing board. You try using a faster bike, but it clearly has too much power the track, so you go back to a slower bike and try everything to shave another two seconds off your time so that you aren’t the loser at the bottom of your friends list.

If you haven’t already sworn enough at your controller and your TV, give the tournaments a try. You generally need to complete 4 tracks in succession with your time and faults accumulating along the way. 10m away from the finish on the last of the four tracks you wipe out. @#$@%!@#%$. You start again from track one as you made too many faults. Awesome.

Download it !