Today I was involved in some heated debate around whether or not your ISP should be threatening you with service termination on receiving one or even multiple complaints from various “watchdog” organisations out there.


Are you kidding ?

ISP’s are not the information super-highway police. Never have been and never should be ! Law enforcement should be left to the relevant law enforcement agencies.

I’m not agreeing with the act of piracy, I’m merely of the opinion that ISP’s are the wrong place for them to turn to for assistance.

If an ISP receives a court order asking them to provide personal information so that they can prosecute an offender, by all means the ISP should assist as far as possible, but they should not act on a threat request from a watchdog to cease and desist.

By all means, pass the C&D request onto the user, but leave the enforcement to someone else. If the watchdog decides it is worth the time and effort to pursue the offender, by all means let them engage with the local law enforcement to attempt to prosecute.

Next we’ll be getting all our traffic offences checked when we pull up to a toll gate !

Even AT&T and Comcast has shown these watchdog’s the finger in the past (

Viva le resistance !